‘Sushmita Sen Is The Last Person To Check Bank Balance Before Falling In Love’: Vikram Bhatt

The internet suddenly became a pool of opinions after businessman and IPL founder Lalit Modi announced that he is dating Sushmita Sen. Several people began alleging that Sen is just dating the businessman for his money and went as far as to call her a “gold-digger”, despite the fact that she is a financially independent woman.


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While Sushmita Sen gave a befitting reply to such remarks by people, her former partner, Vikram Bhatt sided with her and slammed the “gold-digger” allegations. For those who do not know, Vikram Bhatt is a director, producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for directing the ‘Raaz’ film series and ‘Ghulam’ featuring Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherji.


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He is said to have dated Sushmita Sen in the 1990s for a brief period of time and he opened up about how she is the “last person” to check someone’s bank balance before falling in love. The Indian Express quoted him saying:

“Sushmita is the last person who checks out bank balances before she decides to fall in love with someone. I was penniless. I was directing Ghulam, but I had no money. I will not forget that Sushmita was the person who first took me to the US, and she paid for my trip. I had no money. When we reached Los Angeles and there was a limousine, I was surprised. She said that she wanted to make my entry into the US very special.”

He went on to highlight that for someone like Sushmita, who is in her 40s and is unmarried, it is very natural to date several men.

“Someone sent me a forward with the names of her 11 boyfriends and my name was there. Something about Sushmita’s cricket team of 11. I mean if you are in your 40s and not married, chances are you will have these many relationships. And these are people who have many more on the side. She never sucked up to anyone and she never became the actor’s girlfriend.”

Well said!

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