Maharashtra Top Cop Disguises As Common Man To Test Police Staff, Here’s What He Found

History has it that several kings and their subjects seldom used to disguise themselves as common folk and walk amidst them in their kingdom to understand the true woes of their citizens and to see if things were running smoothly.

Similarly, Krishna Prakash, the Police Commissioner of Pimpri Chinchwad recently disguised himself as a common man and made visits to three police stations that were under his jurisdiction to see how the other cops operate and check their “promptness and efficiency”, reports NDTV.

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According to his plan, he visited Hinjawadi, Wakad and Pimpri police stations. At the former, he complained of being harassed by anti-social elements. At the latter, he complained that his wife’s gold chain was snatched by a motorcyclist. Here’s what he found at the Hinjawadi and Wakad police stations:

“We found that the staff on duty there were prompt in listening to our woes and were seen taking efforts in registering their complaints,” the Police Commissioner revealed.

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However, at Pimpri Chinchwad police station, he allegedly found that the cops were evading their duties by asking the disguised PC to go to a ‘police chowky’ attached to the police station. He had complained against an ambulance driver for demanding too much money to ferry a patient.

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“It was found that the staff there initially did not give the kind of treatment that was expected from them, although they treated well later. It might be because one of the duty officers recognised me,” the PC revealed.

What do you think of the Police Commissioner’s exercise?

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