9 Expectation vs Reality Situations Of Planning A Vacation With Friends

Taking vacations is a necessity to break the routine that our life has become, and taking vacations with our best friends is an icing on the cake. Often, we discuss with our friends who are far away from us, plans of going out and taking a nice few days off to de-stress. But, how often does that work out?

Here are the expectation vs. reality situations of planning a vacation with your friends.

1. Selecting a destination

Expectation: Everyone set on one destination on the first go 

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Reality: Everyone has one reason why they won’t want to go to a particular destination 

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2. Choosing a date to travel

Expectation: Finding a weekend, or a long weekend, and making plans of going then 

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Reality: There will be at least one person who has a working Saturday 

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3. When you finally decide on a destination

Expectation: Everyone is happy with the selected place

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Reality: There is at least one person who has to get on board even if they didn’t approve 

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4. Booking a hotel in advance

Expectation: Looking online for affordable hotels that are ultimately just as good as the pictures shown on the website 

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Reality: The pictures of the hotel on the website are nothing close to what the hotel looks like

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5. Taking charge of the bookings

Expectation: One of your friends proudly takes up all the responsibility for bookings of the hotel and travel 

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Reality: No one does a single thing till the last minute, and it bothers the prompt person of the group 

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6. Planning out a budget

Expectation: Everyone decides to split the bill, no matter what the activity or place 

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Reality: There are a lot of differences in opinion because someone’s budget isn’t as big as the others’, so everyone ends up compromising 

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7. Mode of traveling

Expectation: Everyone decides how to travel in a way that they all reach together, if they live in different places 

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Reality: No one decides till the last minute, as usual. Because who cares about pre-booking anyway? 

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8. Activities that you will do there

Expectation: Make a list of all the things you will do there and actually implement them

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Reality: It’s difficult to get out of bed because the hangover from last night is just too bad 

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9. The fun you think you’re going to have

Expectation: Memories will be made with all the time you will spend together, doing things together as a group 

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Reality: What you had planned will never happen, but all the shit that goes down on that weekend is something you will never forget. And that’s what matters

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Even though it’s really, really hard to bring our friends together just to spend a few days with us, the memories of however it turns out are priceless. These moments make up life, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. 🙂

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