Pilot Crashes Into Forest & Gets Impaled By 1-Meter-Long Branch. His Reply? “I Am Groot.”

Humans have envied birds for their aviation abilities for ages. In fact, this is exactly what led to ideas for human air travel. Everyone dreams of flying, both physically and metaphorically. Metaphorically in terms of their professional lives and social statures. And physically for the adrenaline rush induced by the wind through our hair and the incredible sights.

For one Belarusian pilot of a paratrike though, his flight came to a rather painful crashing halt. However, the one thing that wasn’t damaged was his sense of humour.

A 36-year-old man from Belarus was flying his microlight aircraft through the countryside when he crashed into a forest.

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According to the Mirror UK, the man identified as Ivan Krasouski was impaled by a metre long branch through his shoulder, following the crash.

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Yup, that’s him with a huge log of wood through his shoulder, posing for a photo. Does this guy have Viking blood in him?!

Despite what was possibly the largest splinter in the world, Ivan wasn’t about to let a perfect one-liner moment slip by him. As people arrived on scene and debated pulling out the branch, here’s what this superhuman had to say:

“i am groot.”

Turns out, he’s a Marvel fan. Go figure!

He was taken to the emergency ward at a local hospital, where a team of doctors worked on getting the trunk out of his muscular frame.

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In a video filmed by himself, Ivan speaks of the sequence of events that followed his crashing into the forest:

The way he speaks of the whole experience is just incredulous! What is this guy made off?!

People on Twitter are half in shock and half in awe of this beast of a human:

Oh yes, he’ll be faaaaine!

To sum it up, Ivan is Groot, he is a superhuman and he feels no pain. In other words:

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