Pilot Surprises Passengers With 70 Hamburgers After Flight Gets Delayed For Over 2 Hours

Seems like pilots worldwide have started a new trend of surprising their passengers with delicious food on a delayed flight. A couple of weeks earlier an Air Canada pilot ordered pizzas for all the passengers on flight stuck on the tarmac due to bad weather.

Walking down his path of putting the wind back in the hungry and angry passengers’ sail, the captain on a Mesa Airlines flight did something similar. The flight was delayed by 2.5 hours at Tulsa International Airport on Monday so the man in charge decided to please the passengers with a surprise treat.

He bought 70 hamburgers from ‘Fat Guys Burger Bar’ to feed all the hungry passengers on board. It’s reportedly the largest order the burger chain has received.

One of the happy passengers tweeted about the pilot’s kind gesture.

Mesa Airlines operates as a part of United Airlines. They took to their official handle to praise the pilot’s warm gesture towards his passengers.

So, the pilots have finally found a way to keep their ‘hangry’ passengers on a delayed flight calm and entertained! We hope all the pilots take some inspiration from such incidences. And, add this gesture in their ‘virtual rule book’ of keeping customers happy!