Pilot Orders Pizza For Passengers Waiting Inside Plane Stuck On Tarmac For Bad Weather

Sometimes long-distance flights can be mind-numbingly boring! The playlist ends, the crew won’t serve more food, and all the movies appearing on the screen have already been watched.

And it’s all the worse if you’re on the plane which can’t move because of bad weather!

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One will feel really sorry for passengers of an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Halifax who had to endure a dreary wait because of extreme weather conditions.

As snowstorms and unpredictable weather are hitting cities all across Northern America, the pilot of Air Canada Flight 608 was forced to divert the plane to the town of Fredericton.

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The passengers along with the crew had to wait for several hours inside the plane, which was sitting on the tarmac, till the weather outside would calm down.

However, to pull a fun streak over the passengers’ boredom, the pilot decided to treat everyone, and what could have been better than pizza!

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The crew ordered 23 cheese and pepperoni pies from a local restaurant that promised to deliver the food within an hour and a half.

“It was something that could have been very stressful; he (pilot) made it a lot easier,” said a passenger.

Passengers enjoyed the surprise pizza party and were overwhelmed with the kind gesture. A few of them took on Twitter to share their experience.

If pilots would treat passengers every time a flight ran late, I wouldn’t mind the delay at all!

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