Raped At The Age Of 20, He Found His Rapist On Facebook. Here’s His Heart-wrenching Story.

You know how it is with social media today – your entire life, including your past, is always ready in front of you, ready to eat you alive. It’s difficult to get over crushes and old flames. Can you imagine what it would be like to see a person who raped you in your friend suggestions?

Kevin Kantor recites an incredibly powerful piece of poetry about his feelings when he sees the name of his rapist suggested on the side of his Facebook page. Every time he looked at his name, and worse yet, his profile, he is reminded of his scarring past, but he chose to live with it.

Why you may ask? His brother too asked the same question, “Why didn’t you fight back, Kevin?” Because the sad truth is…

“..No one comes running for young boys who cry rape”

What an insanely powerful way to focus on an issue ridiculed and ignored by everyone.

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