Foreigners Just Discovered ‘Monkey Caps’ & Sell Them For ₹2200, Indians Facepalm

Come winter, or maybe months before that, the first woolen clothing that desi uncles could be seen donning is a ‘Monkey Cap’. No sweater. no warmer, but their OG caps are omnipresent even though they are wearing a dhoti and cotton kurta.

But, jo bhi bolo, the product does its job of a cap, scarf, and nowadays, a mask, perfectly. However, just like our desi ‘Pishwi’, foreigners recently discovered ‘Monkey Caps’ that has been the winter fashion essential of our dadajis for ages.

People abroad went gaga over this beanie, mask, and scarf in one ‘Winter Set’ that’s selling for Rs.2,228.

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This was indeed hard to digest for desis online. This is how they reacted to it:

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The monkey cap fashion is here, guys. Time to give them some respect. We’ve been ignoring them for years now.

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