People Online Brag About The ‘Simple’ Accomplishments They’ve Had In 2023 & It’s Touching

When you ask somebody what they have accomplished in an entire year, some might get a little intimidated to answer that question. When we think of ‘accomplishments’, we might think about the big things like getting a car, or a 6-figure job, or starting one’s own business, or going for a foreign trip. But little wins are also significant and worthy of celebration.

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A woman named Jacy, a mental health advocate, took to X to ask people to brag about the things they are proud to accomplish in 2023.

And the kind of responses there were to this thread were heartwarming. For some people, their greatest accomplishment was to get along day after day trying to give their best. For others, it was about standing by their families and supporting them during times of need. Have a look at the reactions here:

What has been your greatest accomplishment of 2023? Share with us!

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