Instead Of Finding Jobs, People Are Finding Life Partners On LinkedIn & Desis Object

If you think finding true love is hard, maybe you aren’t trying hard enough. One thinks that they can land a chance if they open a profile on a dating app. But no. You need to cover all your bases. Forget Tinder, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Finding love on LinkedIn is the new way to go! Here’s an example.

A woman named Shikha took to X (formerly Twitter) to share how she sent a guy a DM on LinkedIn one day and now they are engaged. She also shared gorgeous pictures from their engagement day.

However, even though a lot of people were happy for them, many weren’t amused. Because considering the state of today’s economy, people are unable to find jobs. And LinkedIn is supposed to do exactly that – help people land jobs. But it seems to be doing everything else right than what it was meant to do in the first place.

And people have complaints. Here’s how they have been reacting to this news:

LinkedIn, you had one job!

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