22-YO Guy Shares How His Parents Asked Him To Not Eat Food Given By Strangers On Train

I clearly remember how when I was much younger, my parents had strictly instructed me to never accept food and candies from strangers when I was in a public place – be it while coming back from school or during playtime at the park. Considering that there are multiple cases of children getting kidnapped by strangers who first offer them candies, this is a common warning given to kids by their parents.

However, you would think that one doesn’t need to repeat the same to an adult. But the parents of this 22-year-old guy thought that it was important to mention to him, who was travelling alone via train, to not accept food from any stranger.

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The guy took to Reddit’s popular subreddit r/Delhi to share a screenshot of his chat with his family.

Typical Indian parent behavior! Have a look at his post here:

Indian Parents! I am 22M. from delhi

Several Indians found this conversation extremely relatable. Some even shared similar talks they’ve had with their parents who keep forgetting that their kids are all grown up and don’t need such instructions anymore. Have a look:

Indian parents are so cute, yaar!

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