1 YO Tweet Helped This Man Save His Mother’s Life & That’s The Power Of The Internet


The internet, in its boom, has become a pit of filth and hate. From abuses to slams, trolls leave no opportunity to prove their unwarranted potential. Irrespective of your Twitter bio, there’d always be some keyword warrior ready to thrash you, whilst protecting/defending God knows what!

But there is something about the supposed landmine that makes us thank our stars for it. Take it from one such grateful soul who got his mom back, thanks to the Internet. Shane Mac from a San Fransico is all praises about Twitter after a random tweet made him reach the right man, at the right time.

Reportedly, it was a year ago when Shane was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. He sent out a tweet asking for help and some kind stranger got him in touch with Dr Jason Lee, M.D. at Stanford.

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Later, in 2018, Shane’s mother, Tammy McSimov, started having leg pain. She was diagnosed with the peripheral arterial disease and doctors advised a high-risk surgery that required her to be cut her open all the way down.

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Shane then consulted Jason Lee who had helped him with his ailment earlier. And fortunately, there was a way without Tammy being amputated.

In fact, after undoing a microscopic surgery both her legs are almost back to normal blood flow. An ecstatic Shane shared his story on Twitter and it goes to show the power of the Internet.


“She walked out of the hospital able to walk a mile and feeling great and crying because of how good she felt. A seemingly random tweet led to my mom walking again.

Such is life. Randomness that becomes meaningful.”

Faith-reaffirming, isn’t it?

He also thanked everyone at Twitter with words of gratitude.

Not just him, even the proud mother took to Facebook to thank her doctors and everyone who wished her well.

Needless to say, Tweeple were overwhelmed with emotions…


Isn’t it just the kind of thing that lifts your spirit and makes you want to be good? I know I want to…Thank you, Twitter. We owe you.

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