Odisha Cop Uses Dance Moves To Control Traffic, Wins Hearts On The Streets & Online

When you think about it, being a traffic police in general is a very arduous task. But being a traffic police in India is a nightmare. Firstly, they’ve to stand in the blistering heat or flood-inducing rain for hours to make sure the vehicles run smoothly. Then they’ve to try to uphold the traffic rules in places where people don’t even know what traffic rules are. And even when they do their job properly, they’ll probably get scolded by the public. So, how can they stay invested in their workplace?

According to NDTV, an Odisha traffic police, Pratap Chandra Khandwal, has found an interesting way to conduct the traffic. He says,

“I convey my message through dance moves. Initially, people didn’t obey rules, but with my style people got attracted and started obeying rules.”

Pratap initially worked as a home guard. However, he has been working as a traffic personnel for the last four years. And if you think his moves are random, you’re dead wrong. Because Pratap says that he has mastered them through practice so that he can convey traffic directions, as well as make it look like he’s dancing.

You can watch the video here:

Residents of Odisha are huge fans of Pratap. But now he has garnered an online fan-base as well.

1. They should do a duet.

2. He is really dope.

3. I doubt they’d be as elegant as him.

4. Amen to that.

5. Damn right we should.

6. Absolutely correct.

Until now, Indore’s moon-walking cop was the only traffic police who was making headlines. But now it looks he has got some competition. Do you think they should get together and teach cops around the world how to make traffic policing interesting?