This Video Of Akshay’s 4-Year-Old Daughter Learning To Fight The Bad Guys Is Impressive

Akshay Kumar, the most handsome face in B-Town is not only an outstanding actor but he is also a total sweetheart! He is the most disciplined man I have read about and I respect him greatly for that. To die for combination, Twinkle Khanna is one lucky lady! We all know that Akshay Kumar has a black belt in Taekwondo and that he learned Martial Arts while he was in Thailand.

Akshay Kumar already takes free martial arts classes for women in the Andheri sports complex. The best part is, a girl from his class fought a molester and got him arrested too! Self-defense should be an utmost priority in today’s world and Akshay Kumar is doing all that he can and we applaud him for that.

Akshay’s adorable daughter, Nitara, is already four and in an earlier interview, Akshay had said that Nitara will start her training when she turns four. He had said, “I already have a feeling that Nitara’s going to be a little Ninja.” 

Well, Nitara is four and has started her training. We should be inspired from this toddler!


But this is not the only time we gushed over little Nitara. It seems that this little girl is a very smart child and here are pictures to prove that!

1. Baby Nitara is already the one who will rescue others, more power to girls!


2. Nitara’s metaphor for a crocodile: Daddy!

Nitara makes Daddy a crocodile on her birthday #happy4th

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3. Mr. Khiladi playing with his daughter


4. Reading session in progress, daddy wants Nitara to be an all rounder

Early morning reading session #Ladybird

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5. We need to learn from this toddler

Baba Ramdev you have competition – one day Baby Nitara will learn it all #Yoga

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We have no doubt that baby Nitara is going to make it big, with the fighter genes from her father and the witty genes from her mother! Please God, give us more Akshay Kumars on this planet, and remember to send me one!