Nigerian Man Buries Father In ₹ 59 Lakh BMW Car, Leaves The Internet Divided

Our world is populated by people with various origins. Their societies are structured around principles that have been practiced by multiple generations. And since religion continues to be an integral part of that structure, whether we believe in it or not, it plays a huge role in how we welcome a newborn or say goodbye to a loved one. However, as we’re talking about the latter today, let’s see how a Nigerian man put a lovable but odd twist to a burial ritual.

Reportedly, Azubuike, a man from Nigeria buried his father in a brand new BMW car in a local village graveyard.

In the picture that is going viral, we can see that an actual car is being lowered into a huge six-foot deep grave which has hand-dug by the villagers. The car contains the body of Azubuike’s father.

As bizarre as it may sound, there’s a touching backstory to it. Azubuike had promised his father that he’d have a car one day. However, he passed away as he was suffering from old-age ailments. So, in order to stick to his promise, Azubuike spent ₹ 59 Lakh to buy the BMW and bury him in it.

While locals of the village where Azubuike’s father was buried was accepting of this, netizens were quite divided.

1. Everybody has their own ways of departing with their beloved.

2. Waste not, want not.

3. Some think that money should’ve been to better use.

4. Some think it’s none of our business.

5. To each their own.

As I mentioned before, this is certainly a huge change to the traditional way of burying the dead. In addition to that, I also understand the sentiments regarding how Azubuike spent the money and how it could’ve been put to better use. That said, at the end of the day, that money belonged to Azubuike and unless he has stolen it from anybody, it’s all his. And since everyone has their own ways of coping with sadness, maybe this is his way of doing so.