Newspaper Ad Tries To Pass Off Germany’s Bellevue Palace As Boarding School In India

In India, misleading newspaper advertisements are like Bollywood plot twists – you never know what you’re getting into! You might come across a hair-growth-promoting shampoo only to find that the before and after pictures are of two completely different people or that the same picture has been used for different IIT state ‘toppers’. It is a true circus of creativity, where a humble potato can be marketed as a superfood or the Whitehouse can be sold as an A1 property in South Delhi.


Speaking of misleading advertisements, Dr Philipp Ackermann, who is the German Ambassador to India and Bhutan, shared a newspaper advertisement of a boarding school exhibition that’s to take place in Delhi.

This is the advertisement:

The picture that’s used to show a premium boarding school is actually Bellevue Palace – the official residence of the President of Germany.

Image source

“Dear Indian parents – I found this in today’s newspaper. But this building is no boarding school! It is the seat of the German President in Berlin. Our Rashtrapati Bhavan as it were. There are good boarding schools also in Germany – but here, no child will be admitted,” Dr Philipp wrote.

Have a look at his post here:

This started a laugh riot on social media with people cracking hilarious jokes on the incident. Here’s a look:

This truly looks like something Bunty Aur Babli would do!

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