8 Simple Ways In Which You Can Start 2019 With A Bang

No matter how shitty your 2018 has been, we ask you to calm down, take a deep breath, and flush the bad memories away. Okay, we agree it’s not child’s play to get over the ugly break up that you had or lose sight of the numerous interviews you were brutally grilled in, but you know what? You can just try.

And that’s because it’s 2019. They say ‘every day is a new beginning’ but wait, this is a whole NEW YEAR for God’s sake! And you my friend, deserve a fresh start. Don’t you?

So now that you are ready to write a brand new chapter, we are here with a list of ways to do it appropriately.

1. Set up a little garden of your own

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Greenery touches the heart and I am a firm believer of the fact. By setting up your own small garden and religiously involving yourself in nurturing activities, you will free yourself from your stresses and also gain self-esteem. And trust me, the first sight of those beautiful flowers and fresh-smelling fruits one fine morning, will definitely put the broadest smile on your face.

2. Get your room painted

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Giving your room a new look sounds like the coolest way to step into the new year. You can just get it painted with your favourite colours or just call over an artist friend who will weave his/her magic with a dazzling, bright sketch on your wall. Yaaaay, you are sorted for the next 12 months with a whole new feel.

3. Get a dog

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I do not know about you, but making a ‘paw’some start to the new year is my hands down favourite. By bringing a puppy home, you will fetch yourself some unconditional love, a true companion in your boring days, lovely bedtime cuddles and someone you will be able to call your own. To cut it short, you will be welcoming happiness to your house in the form of a wagging tail.

4. Renew your gym membership

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It is high time to commit yourself to fitness and feel a little good about yourself. Don’t you think? As they say, staying healthy is the first step towards a good future. So, set up your mind, take out that membership card from your wallet, and hit the gym again.

5. Go on a trip to the refreshing blue waters

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A trip to some of the most gorgeous beaches around the world might set your mood right. No, we are not advising hill stations because of the trekking that comes along it. Take a tranquillizing trip instead to the crystal clear waters of Andaman, Thailand or Maldives and soothe your heart by the beach. Don’t forget the beer, folks!

6. Make a crazy 15-point bucket list

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This small list you make would keep you hooked for the rest of the year. Make a note of all the freakish feats you would like to accomplish this year and get on your act. Go bungee jumping, get drunk and rock the dance floor in a bar, sneak out of your house at midnight for an adventurous road trip with your friends, do whatever but remember to break the shackles this year.

7. Refresh your friend circle

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Eliminate all the negativity from your life squashing contact with people who haven’t got your back. Stick to the closer ones, recognize who is real and keep a circle that matters.

8. Get a totally different haircut

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Now, this one might sound a little funny but trust me when I say it works. Walk into a good salon and get a complete hair makeover to boost your feeling about yourself. Feeling positive about ourselves is of paramount importance and can increase your productivity significantly.

So what are you waiting for? Get your year rollin’ like a basketball!