17 ‘Easy To Achieve’ New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Accomplish In 2019

New year resolutions are things which we all love to make but fail to execute. While our January begins with creating a list with all the confidence in this world, we appear to be a failed warrior by the summers. And then we scream the conventional “fuck it” and wait for the next New Year to arrive.

But haven’t you had enough? 2019 demands to be different. Pick up your lazy ass and make this a year defined by ‘success’ and not disappointment. And to help you along your way, we have listed down some ‘easy to achieve’ New Year resolutions which won’t look like punishments!

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1. Spread happiness among the poor

Starting from giving money to the beggars you come across on road to donating your old, unused clothes to the underprivileged, make the needy smile with your little contributions. That’s not much, right?

2. Save your money

In a bid to secure your future, take up the mantra of “spend less, save more” from this very year. Make wise choices, avoid spending just for the sake of it, and make sure you put all your saved bucks in a PPF bank account.

3. Get organized

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Start this one by buying yourself a cool little planner. Schedule your plans by jotting them down and allot specific time for every action you take. Invest more in storage systems like shelves and wardrobes to make your room look better than a dump yard!

4. Find out a creative hobby

We know Netflix is love but too much of anything ain’t a good choice. Involve yourself into something creative for a change? It can be anything from sketching, crafting, cooking, photography, blogging, recycling and whatsoever! The options are endless you see.

5. Reduce the consumption of junk food

Replace the junk food in your diet with healthy home-made food. Include at least one vegetable in your meals while starting your day with fresh fruits is a must.

6. Lend your helping hands to animals

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While you deserve to have a Happy New Year, all the dogs and cats shivering the cold deserve to be happy too? Don’t they? Volunteer for NGOs that work for these beautiful animals and set an example of humanity.

7. Devote some time every day to yoga/meditation/exercise

No, we are not asking you to hit the gym again. We are well aware of the fact that you are a bit too bored with the ‘joining-quitting-joining again-quitting again’ phase. But wait, we have a much easier and achievable solution for you.

What you can do as a replacement is, spend a mere 30 minutesĀ of your day (preferably morning) doing yoga/meditation/exercise. In case you are wondering, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube to ensure that your sessions go smoothly.

8. Travel more

If you have completed 3 trips successfully last year, increase it to 6 this year. Explore more places, meet new people and give yourself more breaks from the regular grind. Of course, the money you have saved according to point number 2, will come handy in planning this one.

P.S. – Come back and blog about your trip with the stunning snaps you took, to help people project their own.

9. Improve your vocabulary by learning a new word each day

This would probably take just two minutes out of your day but boost your knowledge to a great extent. Keep a dictionary with you and learn a word each day to strengthen your stock of words.

10. Give more time to your family

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This is something we tend to neglect all the time. Instead of hanging out with your buds all seven days a week, make it a point to take your family out for dinner every Sunday. Also, don’t you forget to make your parents feel special on their birthdays!

11. Deal more in phone-calls and in-person conversations rather than texting

This is something our generation needs to do more and more. Though making a call is an easier way to converse, we can’t do without making our fingers work like machines. Catch up with people over coffee and speak your hearts out rather than WhatsApping them throughout the day.

12. Make your partner feel special

Take the old-school ways to surprise your partner by writing letters, picking up a rose while you head for a date or expressing your love in public. Come on, that’s not asking for much!

13. Patch up with old friends and put an end to the cold wars!

Let bygones be bygones in 2019. Pick up your phone, dial the numbers that you last rang to hurl abuses at your long-lost friends, make them cry with a genuine sorry. I bet that would work.

14. Wake up early in the morning

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This would probably require the help of an alarm or your mother for the first few days but isn’t impossible! Early morningsĀ have a charm of their own and every one of us must feel and make it to good use. Go for a walk and grab a cup of tea in the inaugural hours to kick-start your day with a bang. Trust me, you will have that glow on your face for the next 20 hours that you spend.

Bonus: This will also minus kill your habit of appearing late everywhere!

15. Take a trip back the memory lane

Keep this year for doing things that make you happy or cry (in happiness). For example step into your school/college days with a visit to your institution, meeting the teachers and loitering the corridors. For people who have an old neighbourhood, feel free to drive to the place and surprise everyone!

16. Drink more water

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This one is the easiest of the lot. Make it a point to drink 2-2.5 litres of water every day for smooth, glowing skin and diminish other health problems to a great extent.

17. Stop bitching unnecessarily and learn to compliment

They say your life is too small to hate others and I think they are spot on. Stop spreading hate and keep yourself away from all the negativity. However, learn to make people happy by pitching in with compliments whenever you get a chance!

We hope we have sorted out your list for the year? Here is wishing you all a very Happy New Year!