Woman Kidnaps Baby To Ward Off Bad Luck, Raises Him & Returns Him 26 Years Later!

In life, there are no take backs. There’s no backspace button that we can click and rectify our mistakes. So, should we just learn from them and move on or should we try to accept that we were wrong and face the consequences? Well, a woman from China came out in the open about a crime she committed 26 years after the incident!

A 49-year-old Chinese woman named He Xiaoping confessed that in the year 1992, she used a fake ID to get a nanny job and look after a female client’s baby. The client, Zhu Xiaojuan, had a 15-month-old boy who she kidnapped and ran off.

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According to News18, She took this step because after two of her own children died before their first birthday, people in her village asked her to bring up someone else’s child as her own to negate her bad luck.

She worked hard to give the boy a decent life and in 1995, she became a mom to a baby girl. This convinced her that the kidnapped boy had indeed turned her luck around.

In the year 2017, she saw a TV show named “Baby Goes Home” revolving around a mother’s search for her lost child and decided to come clean. 26 years after the incident in February 2018, she contacted Chongqing Evening News and told her story.

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CGTN quoted the woman saying,

“I know I have done bad things. But I have always treated him as my own son and he has treated me as his real mom.”

The son (now 27) reportedly revealed,

“I never thought she was not my mom as she was so good to me.”

The woman successfully located the real mom but that is when things got murkier. The real mom said that she had found her missing child in 1995 and had a DNA test as evidence.

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However, the test proved to be false and she is planning to sue the Supreme People’s Court of Henan for giving her a false report. According to a local Chinese news channel, the real mom is said to have forgiven her baby’s kidnapper saying,

“After all she raised him. Let it be.”

Phew, what a bizarre turn of events, right? Sounds like a plot of a movie but it is absolutely real. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

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