NAND GHAR, Nurturing Dreams Of Thousands Of Rural Children And Women In India

A dream is a very powerful vision. A dream to become an astronaut, trot the world, to fly. No dream is too big or small and they drive us throughout our lives. It is essential to have a dream which can direct us towards the future. But sometimes dream remains just a dream and not become a reality. That’s where Vedanta Group steps in.

Vedanta through the Anganwadi network in India is supporting the rural children and women of India. Each of these Anganwadis is called a “Nand Ghar”. Building happy spaces for children to learn and grow is what has driven Vedanta to build these Nand Ghars across India. The Founder and Chairman of Vedanta Group, Anil Agarwal cultivates the belief that the nation can progress only when the women and children of the country are progressing in their lives.

Nand Ghar’s Anthem of Dreams is a beautiful film building up around children as they explore their world of imagination. The film tells a splendid story of fun and games taking shape into dreams and hope, with a very robust melody making the journey through the video a truly inspiring one.

Through the Anganwadi network in India, Vedanta is extending the needful to the rural children and women of India.

Unlocking Dreams and giving them Wings!

Each Nand Ghar is a powerhouse on its own, bootstrapping several dreams together with an enticing classroom splashed with colours, a playground, nutrition and health care. With eLearning through television and livelihood training for women, Nand Ghar aims to make India a better place to live in.

The vision of Nand Ghar being synonymous to the national vision of the Honorable Prime Minister, the company inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Women and Child Development to construct 4,000 Nand Ghars across 11 states which have the potential to become a model to transform 13.7 lakh Anganwadis in India, thus impacting 8.5 Crore children and 2 Crore women.

Nand Ghar is the thread weaving dreams to their wings, providing every dream with a chance to see the light of success. Aiming for a tomorrow where every child is a school-goer and every woman is empowered – for a better India, dawning with hope.