This Beautiful Video Asks, “When Was Your Independence Day?”. People Respond With Heartwarming Stories

After 190 years of the British rule, August 15th 1947, was a day that changed the course of Indian history. We broke free from the shackles of British Colonialism and set out to build what we see today. And as we celebrated our 72nd Independence Day yesterday, it’s a reminder as to how far we’ve come in this long and arduous journey.

But, is a nation truly independent unless all of it’s citizens are free? We’ve all had or still have, something that stands in our way of pursuing our hearts’ desires. It could be society, health issues, financial constraints, or familial pressure. Despite, all these constraints, everyone has a right to move ahead in life and the day we break free from the things that hold us back is the day we can call #MyIndependenceDay.

This philosophy is one that resonates deeply with the people at Ola. They’ve given a new lease on life to many with their constant efforts to help the downtrodden achieve true independence. Like Meghna Sahoo here.

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Her story is a source of inspiration to anyone and everyone feeling trapped, and one that gives hope for a brighter tomorrow. Watch to find out:

Just like Meghna, many among us have a story to tell of the day we felt truly independent.

In a bid to celebrate such stories, Ola launched a beautiful new campaign that urges you to share your #MyIndependenceDay stories:

The campaign has hit the right note with many, as inspiring stories started flowing in. And some of them are from people we all love and admire:

1. Sania Mirza’s story is one that every girl can resonate with.

2. Vijender Singh is a perfect example of how hard work always pays off.

3. There is no age limit to following your passion as proved by Atul Khatri.

4. The man behind the brand himself, Bhavish Aggarwal.

And it doesn’t just end there. People like you and I, all have some tale to share, and share they did:

1. Freedom from fear!

2. Must’ve been such a proud moment.

3. Every writer’s dream.

4. Badass ladies for the win!

5. Yaaas queen!

6. That first paycheck is always special, isn’t it?

7. A dream home.

8. I wanna go too!

So? When is your Independence Day? Go on, share your stories with Ola and stand a chance to win some special goodies! Send in your entries with the hashtag #MyIndependenceDay and let the world know that you are a force to reckon with!