Indian Women Are Sharing Their Unfiltered Pics To Embrace Their ‘Flawsome’ Bodies

Surgical scars? They are like battle wounds.
Pregnancy stretch marks? A reminder of how strong our bodies are.
Curves? They’re beautiful!

Gone are the days when Indian women tried to conform to societal standards of beauty. Female bodies come in all shapes and sizes and we’d much rather embrace & celebrate them. Through social media, Indian women are now taking us along on their journey of body positivity by sharing empowering personal stories. Read on for a big dose of inspiration.

#1. There is no elixir of life but there is a secret sauce to breaking the barrier of age. Don’t believe us? Hear from Mumbai-resident Jayshree Shah who is actually 59 but doesn’t look a day over 29.

#2. At one point or another, we’ve all thought about going on a diet. The internet is buzzing with diet plans like Keto and intermittent fasting. But are they the best for our health? Will they give us happiness? In Rhi’s experience, the high is shortlived.

#3. Advertisers may urge us to aim for beauty that’s skin deep but we know that being strong and fit is way more important! And what better way to achieve that than a game of cricket?

#4. Sunita Katyal from Delhi believes that if we focus on health, the rest will follow. Not only does she do yoga herself, but also encourages her young daughter to be her workout buddy. We love how she teaches her by example!

#5. Weight gain or loss is linked to many different factors (eating habits, lifestyle, medical issues, and genetic history). Which is why it is important to not let other people’s cruel comments affect our mental health. Alk’s experience with PCOD and road to confidence is an inspiration to us all.

#6. Our timelines are filled with photos of actresses and models but we know that a lot of them are edited to fit the ‘perfect’ image of beauty. So, it is refreshing to see bloggers like Natasha who share unfiltered images and don’t shy away from talking about their ‘flawsome’ bodies.

#7. We don’t necessarily need to hire personal trainers or take expensive gym memberships. Physical and mental fitness can be achieved by practicing yoga too. The only condition being consistency, as experienced by Sindoora during the lockdown.

Positive affirmations, self-help books, and compliments are alright but there is nothing quite like someone’s personal victory to motivate us to own our so-called flaws. Each and every one of us has our own story and ALL of them are worth sharing and learning from!

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Go on, roar with your vibe, ladies!

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