Sushant Singh Rajput Made Captain Cool Lose His ‘Cool’ For The First Time!

You could tell from the trailer of “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story” that Sushant Singh Rajput has worked really hard to get into the skin of one of the biggest sports icons of the country. However, he couldn’t have done it without picking the brains of the big man himself and in doing so, the young actor had almost irked Captain Cool on an occasion or two.

Sushant had asked too many questions to Dhoni while prepping for the role and apparently, he wouldn’t stop until he got a convincing answer from the man in concern. This is what Dhoni had to say about Sushant’s persistent questions!

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“He (Sushant) used to ask one question repeatedly and if he gets similar answer then he used to believe that I am being honest and then he used to go to next question. It was a bit awkward initially to speak about yourself. After 15 mins you get bored talking about yourself and I was like I need a break, I am going.”


This is what Sushant had to say about annoying the coolest man in Indian sports!

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“For the first time I have seen Dhoni losing his cool. First two to three days I asked him some questions and he answered them calmly. Then he said you ask lot of questions let me come back. I was just asking him one question in different ways again and again.”


However, that didn’t let Sushant back down from to doing whatever it took him to do justice to the role and that’s exactly what he had to say.

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“There are films in your career which you do it with full honesty and you end up being a good actor but there are very rare films that you do and you end up being a good human being and this is one of them.”

Well, he has got to do what he’s got to do!

News Source: Mid Day 

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