Daughter Joins Mom As Cabin Crew On The Same Flight, Makes An Emotional Announcement

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and the internet was flooded with stories of how moms of the world are superwomen, motivators, and inspirations to their kids. And while all of those tales made us proud of these moms, a story of a mother-daughter duo is making people shed happy tears.

Among the many heartwarming stories was a moving one about an amateur air hostess who finally lived the dream of flying with her mom who also happens to be cabin crew on the same plane.

On their official Twitter handle, IndiGo shared a video wherein the young cabin crew member was seen making an emotional announcement as she joins her mother for the first time as a flight attendant on the same plane.

The woman Nabira Iram Shamsi introduced herself to all the passengers and then goes on to tell them about her mother.

“It’s my first time seeing my mom, on board, in uniform and I can’t explain my happiness. I have seen her work in the cabin, doing all the work and today I am in her shoes and heel walking in the cabin. Since the past six years, I have seen her talking on this PA, and today, finally, the day has come when I am talking on behalf of her. I hope I make her proud today,” says the happy Nabira as her mother Iram gets teary-eyed.

The video ends with the passengers encouraging the mother-daughter duo with loud applause. You can watch the video here:

The video touched the hearts of scores of people who watched this delightful video. This is how they reacted:

This is such a memorable and special moment for both of them. Fly high, women!

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