Monkey Turns Desi Dhobi, Hilariously Washes Clothes Ragad Ragad Ke In Viral Video!

The animal kingdom is more intelligent than what we give them credit for. Perhaps wiser than us humans too. If you have a social media handle, you’ve probably seen the video of a woke monkey closing a tap after drinking water. It seems to be much more sensitive to the environment and water conservation than humans are currently. Which is why it has been shared multiple times as a lesson to avert the imminent water crisis in the country.

Now, another viral video is doing the rounds on the internet that features a monkey expertly washing clothes desi dhobi style! This will definitely make your day, check it out.

In the video, the monkey can be seen with white clothes that it is washing ragad ragad ke in a true imitation of how it is done at a dhobi ghat. Towards the end of the clip, it proceeds to clean the clothes with water kept in a large vessel.

The entertaining and epic clip has been shared by many netizens. People are in awe of how much the monkey has learned by observing humans and the sheer accuracy of his actions.

Maybe the time for funny cat videos is over because monkey videos are taking Twitter by storm and people couldn’t be happier.