10 Ways Our Moms Are Actually Great Detectives


Moms are great at everything. It’s like as soon as they get pregnant, they achieve some eternal powers that make them super cool at everything. They can be cold and warm simultaneously and leave you forever confused. Moms have the best observational skills and are attentive all the time. If moms were to work as detectives, they would do a brilliant job.

Wondering how? Take a look.

1. One look at you when you enter the room and they know what exactly you want

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Be it food, a mom-child pep talk or your favorite t-shirt.


2. Lying to your mom is simply impossible. The look that you get in return when you’re trying to lie is scary

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You feel so guilty that you automatically speak the truth and convince her to support you in front of dad.


3. She can easily sense whether the company you’re hanging out with is good or bad

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She almost always knows who will turn out to be your best friend and who will be your enemy.


4. Moms know what clothes and accessories you own. If you ever walk in wearing a friend’s t-shirt, you will instantly be fired with bullets of questions

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You can’t trick her, she is smart.


5. She is attentive all the time. She is a great multi-tasker and if you ever try to trick her while she is doing her work, you’ll fail miserably

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It is really difficult to escape from mom’s sharp eyes and ears.


6. She will instantly know when you fall in love, no matter what measures you take to keep your love life under wraps

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Sometimes she will also tell about the future of your love life from your behavior.


7. Breakups, they are simply impossible to hide. If you’re too good, you may be successful in hiding your love life but breakups, sorry bro, not happening

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She can read your expressions, especially your eyes.


8. Moms just know where things are in the house. Every time you want something, instead of searching it yourself you just call out mom

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She will ask you to search it yourself but obviously even if you try, you fail. But somehow she will search it for you within two seconds.


9. She has information about everything and everyone who is even remotely related to you

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The best part is she doesn’t even take efforts to know, she just knows.


10. If there is any problem in the house, big or small, everyone including dad will look up to mom to fix it

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Faith in everything is intact till mom is there to rescue. People just know she will fix things and she never fails to triumph.

That’s mom for us. Sometimes when I look at my mom, grandma, aunt and any other lady who is a mother figure, I always wonder what profession suits them the best? The first answer that pops into my head is a detective.

Imagine how cool will it be to watch our moms solve cases wearing black suits with those detective-like expressions.

Ho Ho! 😀

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