Guy Shares How His Mom Gave Him Masoor Daal ‘Sample’ Before Sending Him To Grocery Store

I don’t think a person becomes a real adult when they get a job and start earning their own money. I think a person becomes a real adult when they become adept at performing household chores and can correctly identify groceries. Because what is it point of earning 12 lakhs per annum if you can’t distinguish between palak and dhaniya?

However, one has to resort to many life hacks till they learn how to correctly identify pulses, leafy greens and vegetables. Many parents, especially mothers, either give samples to their kids while sending them off to shop for groceries or send them pictures.

A guy took to Twitter to share a picture of a masoor daal sample his mother gave him before sending him to the store because she didn’t think he would remember what it looked like!

He’s not alone. Several people online shared similar experiences of their mothers sending them off to grocery stores with daal samples or preparing a notebook for them that has descriptions of various kinds of pulses! Some were also reminded of their school projects. Have a look at the responses here:

There are various ways a person can learn how to adult. This is probably one of them! 😛

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