Manager Molests Hotel Staff By Pulling Her Saree. Hotel Fires The Woman After She Complains.

Where is a woman safe?

I ask myself this burning question, whenever I read instances of crime against women. And trust me, it is so often that I have lost count of the number of times the question is repeated.

In another shocking incident in the city of Delhi, a security manager of a five-star hotel, Pawan Dahia, was allegedly caught molesting a hotel staff on CCTV camera. He was seen pulling a 33-year-old woman’s saree and violently pulling her towards him.

She was seen clutching onto her saree tightly while he tried to pull her close.


The incident took place on July 29, which was the victim’s birthday. She told NDTV,

“It was my birthday. He took out his credit card and said that if I wanted any gift. Boss told me to sit, and when I didn’t sit, he pulled me towards him and tried to take off my saree. He told the other colleague to go out of the room.”

Not only that, she also alleged that he grabbed her twice after she left for home, in attempts to push her into his car. In the past, he had often propositioned her to spend a night with him in the hotel and made advances at her.

On the day of the incident, the victim complained to the HR department. But no action was taken. On August 1, she lodged an FIR upon husband’s advice.


She was handed her termination notice by the HR department when she reported for duty on August 17. The colleague who helped her with the footage was sacked too. Hotel’s PRO, Raja Singh, said he doesn’t know about the woman’s suspension but the assaulter has been suspended.

If being assaulted was not scarring enough, she is on the verge of losing her job with absolutely no fault of hers. And the irony of being molested by “security” manager has not gone amiss.