PM Modi’s Speech Against Alcoholism Has Gotten Everyone Worried About A Possible Alcohol Ban

The weekend is just around the corner and it’s an unspoken understanding that a lot of our Fri-yay plans revolve around drinking our troubles away.

But the Indian Twitterverse is getting worried that the contents of PM Narendra Modi’s latest speech indicate a huge dampener in their weekend plans.

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PM Modi, in his speech today at the inauguration of Ma Umiya Dham Ashram, Haridwar, expressed his concerns about the growing problem of alcoholism in the youth.

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The honourable PM gave his speech through a video conference and warned that if the problem of alcoholism goes unchecked, then society will be “ruined” in the next 25 years.

Modi praised the Umiya Sansthan for their social work and highlighted the important role that it could play in fighting alcoholism and creating awareness.

So wait… what’s the catch? Why are the Twitterati losing it over just another speech?

Remember the last time when Modi spoke incessantly about black money and demonetisation followed suit? Well, people are worried that this stand against alcohol might be foreshadowing a possible alcohol ban!

Tweets galore, both funny and mildly concerned, have been showing up on Twitter.

1) Wake me up when it’s November 8th!

2) Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

3) Alcohol be like: Itna Corona Mujhe Pyaar!

4) All the Mitrons are in denial!

5) Legit concerns, bro!

6) Chakhna for thought, anyone?

7) Quite a stretch but hey! Someone found a silver lining!

8) Shhh! Why are you giving him ideas? WHY?

9) Thank God for contingency plans!

10) OMG! The most important thing to do!

Wow, guys, maybe we’re escalating this a little too much too soon? It could be just a normal concern or public-pleasing tactic. Or it could very well be a silent herald to the war against alcohol. With Modi, we may never guess!

Either way, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Till then, just relax! Breathe! Take a chill pill! Have a drink… while you can!

Kya pata… kal (daaru) ho na ho!

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