PM Modi Replies To A Hater And Sets An Example Of How One Should Respond To Criticism

Narendra Modi has been facing criticism since he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. And after becoming the Prime Minister of the country, it is evident that Modi’s haters have increased along with his fans.

Recently, Narendra Modi replied to one of his critic who thought he would never get a reply since he doesn’t like Narendra Modi. His answer was epic.

So it started with Narendra Modi tweeting about his meeting with the PMO family.


On which a fan commented this.


To that, Modi replied.


Another fan asked Modi about the secret to his never dying energy.


And Modi suggested a video as an explanation.


The guy couldn’t believe his luck.


And then came this tweet, which speculated something.


This is what out Prime Minister replied to him.

The perfect way to respond to constructive criticism is to embrace it with an assertive tone.
Modi’s got swag. ?

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