Man Cooks 4000-Year-Old Mesopotamian Recipes Amid Lockdown, See Pics


Many of us have taken this lockdown period to channelize our hidden talents like dancing, singing, crafting and so much more. However, cooking seems to be the top skill that people have acquired while in quarantine.

Speaking of which, a man prepared various meals using the world’s oldest existing recipes, reports News18. Say, what? Well, twitter user Bill Sutherland made dishes according to recipes mentioned in a tablet that dates back to 1750 BCE.

Check out the fascinating recipe:


The man used a tablet from the Mesopotamian region, which includes Babylon and Assyria. Today these regions are a part of Iraq south of Baghdad and north of Baghdad, including parts of Syria and Turkey, reports BBC. From the 3 tablets discovered, it appears Bill recreated recipes from the one that features a list of ingredients with 25 recipes of stews and broths.

In a series of six tweets, he shared the pictures of various dishes that he had prepared from the Mesopotamia period which consists of a lot of sheep fat:


He described in detail how the age-old recipes tasted in real life! 

He even revealed how he cheated and used tomato sauce instead of sheep’s blood. Well, seems like a wise choice to me!

Many people were impressed by the intriguing dishes and said that they might give it a try: 


Well, I cooked my grandmother’s age-old secret recipe recently. How about you? Would you try cooking an ancient meal like this one? Tell us!

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