Men Reveal What Female Body Parts They Love That Women Are Taught To Hate

You are beautiful. 

Despite the stretch marks on your thighs or the mole on your chest or the dark circles under your eyes, you are still beautiful. Even though many women feel insecure about their bodies, the truth is they don’t need to look flawless in order to be attractive.

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Honestly, women shouldn’t even be bothered about those imperfections. Because firstly self-love is the way to go ladies. And, secondly, nobody cares about those blemishes or marks. Don’t believe me? Recently, someone took to Reddit and asked men to point out things that women might hate about their bodies but in reality, men love those so-called flaws.

From saggy boobs to stretch marks, here’s what men actually think about the flaws that make you human: 

1) Boobs 

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2) Skin

3) Nose 

4) Stretch Marks 

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5) Belly Fat 

6) Crows feet 

7) Height

8) Sleevage 

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9) Thick eyebrows 

10) Big forehead 

11) Moles 

12) Buttocks 

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13) Pubic hair 

14) Acne 


Many women, who felt insecure about their bodies, were thankful for all the positive affirmations by the opposite sex: 

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While you are beautiful irrespective of what others think, it’s so refreshing to see these comments. What do you think? Tell us!

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