Men Share They Were Called ‘Gay’, ‘Feminine’ For Keeping Themselves Clean & Presentable

“Pink is a feminine colour” and “Blue makes us look masculine”, “Men shouldn’t choose dancing as a profession” and “Females can’t be mechanical engineers” – Don’t know about you but I have come across a lot of people who think this way.

Well, IMO people who associate a colour, a profession, a sport, or an emotion to a specific gender should be unlearning a lot of things in 2022.

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Such stereotypes and regressive mindsets make everything complicated, don’t you think? Well, some men of Reddit think that men who like to be clean or organized or love being presentable and taking care of themselves shouldn’t be shamed or called names.

Men started sharing how they were called gay, feminine and all things bizarre for knowing how to take care of themselves after a user posted his ordeal:

Has anyone here gotten called feminine for being clean or organized or just simply knowing how to take care of themselves/the things around them? from AskMen

Here are some of the responses that will make you think of the world we’re living in.

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Men were even called metrosexual.

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Parents setting the wrong example.

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Some men decided to just ignore them and live their own lives.

Deliberate insulting and mental harassment will never be justified. However, one of the ways to deal with this is to make yourself mentally strong and never let such taunts affect your sanity.

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