Mechanical Engineer Quits Job In MNC To Conserve Water In Villages, Saves 10 Ponds In 5 Years

Whenever we sit down for our regular roundtable discussion about what’s happening in general, what do we talk about? Movies? TV shows? Fashion? Politics? The repetitive nature of history? However, it’s very rare that we talk about the degrading condition of our planet even though none of the other topics would matter if our ecosystem crumbles. Thankfully, not all of us are like that and are actively trying to save the world and the people living in it.

According to NDTV, 26-year-old Ramveer Tanwar used to work for a multinational company. However, he has left that job to revive small ponds. Tanwar said,

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“I completed my B.Tech in 2014 and did my M.Tech in 2016. During student days, I started creating awareness regarding sustainable use of water. In big cities, people have to pay about 20 rupees for a litre of drinking water but in the village people were wasting hundreds of litres of water just because they were getting it for free. I was shocked to calculate the cost of water being wasted so I started sanitising villages by making door to door campaign.”

In the last five years, Tanwar has saved ten ponds. In addition to that, he’s creating awareness about water conservation to fight water scarcity.

Ramveer Tanwar has witnessed water wastage since his childhood days and in a way that has motivated him to work towards water conservation. He said that,

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“I had read a book by Anupam Mishra in which he wrote extensively on artificial ponds, I was inspired by it. After reading the book I realised the greater purpose of these ponds and why our elders constructed it. This is a heritage which needs to be respected instead of making it a dumping ground.”

Tanwar started by organising Jalchaupals or public meetings to create water awareness. Word spread quickly and villagers from surrounding areas began listening to his plans for water conservation. And his work was further boosted by the district authorities who encouraged him to increase the scale of his work. Now, Tanwar first cleans the ponds by simple and cost-effective ways and then lets local farmers take up pisciculture (fish farming).

Netizens are glad about Ramveer’s work and they thanked him for doing his bit to save the world.

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Now, it might not be possible for all of us to leave our jobs and do something like Ramveer is doing. But we can emulate his idea about water conservation by closing the water-tap after using it, not using buckets of water to clean our vehicles or by harvesting rainwater during the monsoon. And by doing so, we’ll be increasing Earth’s longevity.

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