Husband Says Wife Never Pays For Anything & Doesn’t Buy Him Gifts, People Offer Advice

Money is one of the most common areas of disagreement between married couples. Which is why many couples have the money talk before getting hitched – setting up a joint account, splitting up of bills, talking about debt and financial goals etc. And a recent Reddit discussion around marital finances shows why this talk is so important.

It started after a husband shared that his wife of 2 years doesn’t spend her own money on anything but herself. She doesn’t even buy him gifts. Take a look:

“Yesterday is a minor but prime example of many other times, I needed her to pick up dog food for “our dogs,” I handed her 125$ in cash but the total ended up being 150..she came back while I was in the middle of a work meeting just. to interrupt me to tell me it was 150$.. okay thanks for letting me know???

She then proceeds to stand there asking me for the remaining 25$… baffled I didn’t even know what to say I was working on call with a very high up co-worker training me. She knew this, but proceeded to ask me 2 more times? Now I am angry because I thought about how selfish that was of her.. so this morning I tell her.

“I hand you 125$ of my own cash to go get dog food for “your dog” and “my own” and you have the audacity to ask me for 25 more dollars because you had to spend 25$ of “your money” you not see how selfish you can be?” Completely ignores the part where she insisted on me giving her the extra 33$ lol and proceeds to say

“Not a big deal” but I asked you because I didn’t know if you knew how expensive it was? But in bulk yes it saves more over time. But I didn’t know that until I got there not that I minded doing it. Only 33$ actually yes. I proceeded to ask her if it’s only 33$ then why did you feel it was important enough to ask me in the middle of a meeting for 33$? Or are you just so selfish you don’t understand how offensively selfish you can be? Her response is I’m not going to argue with you, love you have a good day at work.”

People shared their thoughts on the possible causes of this behaviour and potential solutions.

Going dutch

Was upbringing involved?

Communication is key. Getting some experts involved doesn’t hurt too.

How would you tackle such a situation? Tell us.

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