Born To A Rickshaw Driver, Miss India Runner-Up Opens Up About Her Inspiring Journey

Manya Singh’s story, who was recently crowned VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 1st Runner-up, is nothing but inspiring. Born to a father who is an auto-rickshaw driver, Manya has seen and experienced struggle in its true sense. She recently opened up about her journey – something which can give hope to many.

Speaking to News18, Manya Singh opened up about her modelling journey, her family, and how she is planning to use her new-found success as a means to give her family a better life.

For any person who wants to become a model, grooming classes are a must. But for Manya, it wasn’t an option because of financial constraints. The only way she could learn to better herself was by observing others and by going to as many auditions as she could.

“Modelling was never an option for me. I entered the fashion world because I wanted to groom myself. At the same time, I was well aware that I would not be able to afford the grooming classes. Learning happened by observing people and going for auditions. I knew that if I could work on my body language and personality and carry myself like models do, the Miss India pageant could be cracked.”

She believed that the only way she could become a model was by working hard and oozing confidence.

“I always had confidence and belief in my hard work. At the time of the finale, I said to myself ‘You have to perform whole-heartedly and leave the rest to the judges’. When I went on the ramp, I knew it was going to be the last runway, the last show of my life. And I performed keeping that in mind.”

However, alongside hard work and confidence, one does need the support of their loved ones to move forward. And for Manya, the biggest motivators were her family members.

“My mother works really hard for me. She travels long distances in the local train. The job takes up nine hours of her day and when she comes back home, the chores keep her busy. Still, she is like a friend to me. She has been giving me all sorts of advice at different turns in my career. I learn how to remain grounded from her. I have learnt honesty and passion from my father.”

Manya understands that the crown and the title come with responsibilities. Hence, she wants to use her fame to help as many kids as she can. Because if she can do it, so can they!

“I want to use my voice to raise the awareness that each and every girl deserves the best. I want to make them realise that they can achieve anything.” 

The journey has just begun for Manya Singh. And by the looks of it, she has a bright road ahead!

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