This Man Made A Bicycle That Produces Electricity For 1 Day With Just 1 Hour Of Pedalling

‘With great power comes great responsibility’.


Manoj Bhargava, an India-American billionaire showed the world a very practical example of the above saying when he brought out his new Free Electric bicycle, a cycle that produces electricity when pedalled.


Priced at Rs 12,000 – 15,000, the cycle will be able to provide electricity to a million homes in rural India.


Bhargava’s inspiration – a Nascar race



Bhargava said the idea for the unique bicycle came to him while he was watching a Nascar race on TV, when he saw a man push a pump, which propelled a jack to lift a car.


He said, “The car moved so fast that it nearly flipped. I was surprised that such a motion could propel a jack so fast. Then, I asked my innovators to work on it. They tried the pumping function, but it did not work. We worked on the product it for a while, and at first the product turned out too heavy. We then worked to strip it off the unnecessary parts,”


Bhargava also said an hour of pedalling can produce electricity that will run a rural household for 24 hours by a running lights, a small fan, and charging a cell phone.


The production in India is expected to start from March 2016.


Manoj Bhargava is a Princeton dropout who returned to India to become a monk but instead turned into a philanthropist.


Apart from the Free Energy Cycle, he has also produced a water purification machine that cleans even seawater to drinking water, a project which uses graphene cables to harness earth’s heat and convert it produce electricity and the 5-Hour Energy Drink.

Way to go Mr Bhargava. Hope your noble thoughts can help brighten up homes in rural India.