Manchester United Shares Photo Of Fans ‘Not Using Cellphone’, Twitter Says ‘Hold My Beer’

It was a total ‘high on spirit’ game when Manchester United played against Arsenal, coming down to a 2-2 draw.

Even though Arsenal seemed to be leading the score (2-1) with Marcos Rojo guiding them, Manchester United made a comeback in the game as Jesse Lingard cut through Arsenal’s defence.

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That is when Manchester United tweeted Lingard’s overwhelming goal and shared a photograph on Twitter captioned as ‘not a cellphone in sight, just people living in the moment’.

Here is the tweet posted by Manchester United’s official handle:

What Man Utd failed to notice is that you could actually see people using their mobile phones, which off-course the Twitterati did not miss!

Thanks to zoom tool and a bit of attention to detail. Soon after the picture was posted by Man Utd, fans replied to the tweet by highlighting the mobile phones being used in the background.

Here are a few tweets by the fans, proving Man Utd wrong.

Way too overwhelmed to make out the “cellphones”, right?

Oops, rookie mistake!

What were they even thinking!

Only a few Thousands..

That is quite some sarcasm!

I hope Man Utd can now see this!

Seriously, who uses the word “Cellphone”?

Man Utd should have known, millennials find it hard to keep their phones away!