Madhya Pradesh: Man With 2 Wives Spends 15 Days With Each Wife Every Month

In India, where a part of the population is crying because they are single, there are multiple people who have two or more partners and are even married to them! For example, a man from Ujjain, whose identity has not been revealed, has two wives and he very well splits his days between both of them.

According to a report by News18, the man got married to a woman from Bamora village 15 years ago. They even had a son but after a few years, things began to get sour between the two and they decided on getting separated. And so, they filed for divorce.

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Amidst legal proceedings, the man tied the knot again with a different woman. When the first wife got to know about this, she returned to him and wanted to reignite their relationship. The second wife, on the other hand, was infuriated by this. She even filed a police complaint against the first wife. However, even the police couldn’t resolve this issue. So then the three decided to seek help from Paramarsh Kendra.

When the Paramarsh Kendra asked the husband his opinion on the matter, he said that he didn’t want to leave his first wife, despite being married to another woman. The first wife also wished the same.

So, the three mutually decided that every month, the husband would spend 15 days with one wife and 15 days with the other, thereby equally dividing his time between the two. He would also bear the expenses of his son from his first wife.

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What are your views on this complicated relationship dynamic?

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