Man Held At Delhi Airport For Trying To Smuggle Gold Bars Hidden Up His Rectum


These days we come across several creative ways taken by people to smuggle gold and drugs at airports. Just a couple of weeks back, the news of a woman creating a fake baby bump with 15 packets of cocaine arrested at Argentina airport came to light.

Another such case of smuggling was recently reported at Delhi airport where a man was caught hiding gold bars in his rectum.

According to Indian Express, the accused was intercepted by the customs officials at IGI airport as he arrived from Bangkok. He was found carrying 4 pieces of gold bars with him during the security check. He carried two of them in the pockets of his pants while the rest two were hidden inside his rectum.

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The gold recovered from him weighed 870 grams in total worth Rs 29.56 lakh, reports TOI. The gold was seized by the officers and the man was arrested said police officials in a statement.

This is the second incident of smuggling caught within a week at Delhi airport. Just a couple of days earlier, a man was held as he tried to smuggle 462 gms of gold in a juicer and Bluetooth speakers. He had also reportedly admitted having smuggled around 3.2 kgs of gold worth Rs. 1.11 crore illegally in the country on his past seven visits.

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People really go far and beyond to implement their sneaky plans and this case is proof enough! Still, smuggling gold in the rectum sounds painful apart from being completely illegal. What are your thought on the incident? Tell us!

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