Man Caught Having Threesome Says He Did It Because There Was A Lizard In His Room!

When we are caught red-handed in a vulnerable situation, even our brain tricks us and comes up with weird reasons to save us the embarrassment. However weird or absurd the reason might be, it oddly starts making sense to us because we are desperate to escape the tense situation by hook or crook. Well, this is what probably happened with this 20-year-old guy who was caught sleeping with two women during an unexpected raid.

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According to reports, a man vacationing in Perhentian Islands in Malaysia was arrested by the Terengganu Religious Affair Department (JHEAT), after a raid on his beach-side chalet revealed that he was a sharing a bed with two other women. On being questioned, the Malaysian man said he was too scared to sleep in his room in the presence of a big cicak (lizard) which is why he moved to the chalet next to him where his two female companions were asleep.

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The authorities raided their room after being sceptical about the circumstances they were vacationing under. Although the trio had booked two chalets in the resort, they were caught sleeping in one which is when the man blamed the reptile for scaring him into leaving his room.

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Reportedly, Sharia law in Malaysia bans unmarried men and women from sharing any “secluded place, house or room under circumstances that may give rise to the suspicion that they are engaged in an immoral act.”

We guess they weren’t prepared for something like this and came up with absurd reasons to pacify the cops. What’s the weirdest excuse you’ve given under pressure? Tell us!

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