Man Loses 45 Kg In Less Than A Year Just To Ride His Dream Roller Coaster

Stories of people stepping up to take charge of their health are inspiring in many ways. For instance, a man posts a video every day to say he’s had “no fizzy drinks today” or a Chinese family going from flab to fab by losing weight together in just 6 months.

As per a report in Times Now, a man from Ohio named Jared Ream loves roller coasters so much that he shed 45 kilos in less than a year to be able to fit into a new ride that was announced in his favorite theme park called ‘Kings Island’.

He fell in love with roller coasters ever since he first visited the theme park. But, he started gaining a lot of weight as he aged which resulted in a lot of struggle to get on the roller coasters. There even came a day when he had to turn away from roller coasters for good, and he was gutted that he couldn’t have a good time at his ‘happy place’ again.

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However, when the theme park announced a new ride named ‘Orion’, he became motivated to get back into shape so that he could experience it. Subsequently, he underwent an intense weight loss regime and lost about 45 kilos in less than a year. He shared his feelings saying, “I just kept thinking about how lucky I was to be there. Not only was all the hard work worth it for my health, but I was also finally getting to now experience my passion again — something I hadn’t been able to do for many years.”

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Being slim and fit enough to go on a ride again, he went on the Orionfour times in a row, complete with a colorful face mask keeping in mind the risk of COVID-19. His excitement was clearly evident.

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