In Just 6 Months, Chinese Family Went From Flab To Fab By Losing Weight Together


With a very desi upbringing and cringe-binge of all the Rajshri films, one classic line about family that stayed with this Bolly kid is: A family that eats together, stays together.

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So, that became a motto for every family activity. A family that does _________ together, stays together. #Facepalm #DontJudgeMeHard

But, can this dialogue apply to non-Bollywood people, like the Chinese? Hell, it CAN! It just did. There’s this awesome Chinese family who just shed weight together, and we’re reminded of Babuji’s words.

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Meet the Jesse, a 32-year-old Chinese photographer, who motivated his fam to lose weight together.

And in just about six months, they went from flab-to-fab, like pros.

Aha! Ain’t that awesome?

Well, it all started six months ago when Jesse’s mom came to live with him and his pregnant wife. She wanted to be of help in the last stage of pregnancy and early stage of her daughter-in-law’s motherhood.

When Jesse saw his father’s pot-belly, which was a result of alcoholism, he devised a weight loss program. And, voila!

From brisk-walking they went on to jogging,

…and them finally hit the gym together.

Where both of them SLAY like pros! Watch.

He documented it pretty well, measuring the changes every 10 days.

And, our jaws are on the floor seeing the transformation.

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That’s amazing.

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*Feeling motivated*

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When you have a bod like that, why not get it clicked professionally!

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Though they wanted it to be a six-month plan, they have gotten hooked to the healthy life and are going about it the same way.

Might I add, Jesse’s father is a more confident man and we totally get it. That’s where the adrenaline kicks in!

Is it too late to make a 2018 resolution? Oh, hang on, the year just started. Plus, it is never too late. ICYN more motivation, there are some amazing transformations.

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