Cold-Drink Addict Posts Wholesome Videos Everyday To Say He’s Had ‘No Fizzy Drinks Today’

Sugar addiction is EVIL! It catches early on and you never realise what a huge deal it can become. From wanting to eat toffees, chocolates, sweets, cakes every now and then to gulping down bottles of cold-drinks, sugar addiction becomes a problem real quick and can cause heart diseases and diabetes.

Trying to quit his fizzy-drink addiction, one man named Rohit Roy posts videos every day to say if he has had fizzy drinks that day or not. The video was shared by a woman online who called it the “most wholesome and endearing thing”.

Have a look:

In his first such video, Rohit shares how his doctor advised him to keep away from drinking fizzy drinks but he couldn’t. Which is why he decided to post videos documenting his journey so he could stay motivated.

He also rewards himself on reaching milestones!

People on the internet, especially those with similar sugar-addictions, expressed how tough a job it is to quit sugary foods and drinks. They lauded Rohit and highlighted how he looks fresher and happier now in comparison to his first video.

If you are someone who is battling sugar addiction, may this be an inspiration for you!

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