Man Is Selling Dates With Himself This Valentine’s, Offers Start From ₹ 700

Money might not buy you love but it can certainly buy you a date! If the thought of spending the day of love all alone scares the crap outta you, here’s a solution for you all dear ladies!

Provided, you do not mind flying all the way to New Zealand.

Peter Wilding, a single man from Taupo is looking for a date to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

The man who claims to have missed out on dating as a youngster due to illness is back in the love game and how! The singleton has taken to an unusual approach in the hope to find someone special to celebrate the festival of love together.

Peter has advertised himself to all his potential partners by offering up a wide range of date “packages”. Ranging from a 15$ (approx Rs 700) of a friend zoned date to 150$ (approx Rs. 7,000) package of an overnight combo, the offer is full of some hilarious deals.

Peter posted his advertisement on a local Facebook group of Taupo called Taupo Notice Board:

He has some amazing offers for girls which include a ‘kiss in front of friends’ at 15$, a dinner date with parents plus an updated relationship status on social media for 2 weeks and so on. Peter will also give you a discount of 10% on deluxe packages if you have a cute little puppy to play around with him.

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Talking to the Stuff about his bizarre yet adventurous offer, Peter said, “The fact that I am alive is insane but the fact that I function like I do is ridiculous, it’s miraculous, it’s unheard of. I had to relearn everything which wiped me out of the teenage dating scene.”

He further said, “I love a good laugh. My promise to whoever I am with, if I make you upset, I will always make you laugh afterward.”

Bonus – “[And] my other greatest asset is, I am told, I have a rocking beach body.”

So if you are a girly girl who loves chocolates and snuggles for Valentine’s or an adventurous soul who loves camping, Peter has got all the deals covered!

So if you fail to find love this Valentine’s Day, rent a boyfriend instead!

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