Man Travelling To Pune Suspects Puncture Scam After Paying ₹6500 For Fixing Bike Punctures


If you have been driving a vehicle in India, you must be aware of the pathetic condition of roads. The incessant rainfall during monsoon adds to our misery. But someone has to pay a price for it- either the authorities by fixing the roads or the commuters for getting their vehicle serviced post the bumpy ride.

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Moreover, local mechanics often tend to overcharge customers, cashing in on their vulnerability.  Well, this time it was this city-dweller from Thane who had to shell out Rs 6500 to fix punctures from one flat tyre of his two-wheeler while he was on his way to Pune.

As reported by Pune Mirror, 25-year-old Chirag Nimbre was travelling to Pune to meet his family when half-way through the journey, he faced bike trouble. On checking, he realized that his bike was punctured and needed to be fixed ASAP if he was to continue the journey.

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“As I was moving closer to Pune, I realized that there’s something wrong with my vehicle as I had trouble riding on. At this point, I came across a small garage setup at Talegaon where I thought I would get it repaired without wasting much time and stopped there,” he explained.

Post checking on his bike, the mechanic suggested Chirag to get the flat tyre replaced as it had multiple punctures and that would cost him Rs 8500. However, keen on saving money, Chirag told him to repair it.

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“After fixing the tyre, the mechanic claimed that there were around 60 punctures. He then first asked me to pay Rs 9,500 for the work done. After negotiating for a long time, he finally agreed to take Rs 6,500.”

“I tried convincing him that I would get him all the material that was used and he should just take his labour charges but he refused. He didn’t listen to me and two more people stepped in and started raising their voice, creating an uncomfortable situation, after which I paid the money and left,” he added.

Chirag was eager to reach home hence, he didn’t stop at the nearby station to complain to the cops. Denying that he has overcharged, the mechanic named Rohan Amolik, said:

“There were a lot of punctures and a lot of work was done. People in the nearby locality would’ve charged much more for the same work. We had asked him to get the tyre changed which was a good option.”

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Commenting on this, sub-inspector of the Talegaon police station, Nilesh Bokephod said, “The incident hadn’t been brought to our notice. However, we will check with the traffic cops stationed on that stretch and ask the mechanics to regulate the prices. People should come forward and complain about these things.”

However, a local opined that there is a big racket. “Even when there is one puncture, mechanics claim that there are several and loot you of thousands of rupees. This has happened with me thrice and when a person is in a hurry, he or she will just pay whatever amount is demanded and leave.”

Well, I second him on this. Have you ever been overcharged for minor vehicular repairs? Tell us! 

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