Man Named ‘Kovid Kapoor’ Shares Hilarious Incidents That’ve Happened To Him Since Pandemic

“My name is Kovid and I’m not a virus.”

This joke never gets old for this man whose OG name is Kovid Kapoor. I kid you not!

At a time when coronavirus aka COVID with a ‘C’ is wreaking havoc in our lives, this man is gaining social media followers by telling people the funny name-related incidents he faced because of his now-popular name.

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Just listening to his name might have cracked you up. Well, when he went outside India for the first time since COVID, people were ROFL on listening to his name.

And ever since such covid-related jokes made him feel like a ‘mini celebrity’, Kapoor decided to share more of them and cheer us up during these testing times.

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On his 30th birthday cake, the bakery assumed that it was kind of a joke and automatically penned ‘Happy Birthday Covid 30’ on his cake.

Let’s not forget the ‘Corona Beer’ that was also under attack last year. And when Corona and Kovid get together it got to be punny.

This incident involves the employees at Starbucks.

Well, Google Search wasn’t behind in mocking Kapoor. Even it wasn’t sure if that’s a real name.

Such a unique name has to become the butt of jokes like these.

Kovid responsible for happy tears.

Well, if you are in the right mind (after all the laughter) and wondering what his name actually means then this is it:

Obviously, people won’t believe that’s his real name in one go. So thank God for the PAN card.

Oh, in all the song and dance, we forgot to tell you that Kovid is the co-founder of the tourism company Irony dekh rahey ho?

Kapoor is indeed a true sport and like us, many were happy to LOL at the expense of COVID with a ‘K’.

Oh my good lord, haven’t laughed this much in ages. Thanks, Kovid! 😝

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