MP Man Kills Wife’s Alleged Rapist With Explosives He Learnt How To Make On The Internet

Revenge and anger can sometimes make us lose our thinking abilities and lead us to do things, the results of which are often bitter and harsh.

This man from Ratlam district, Madhya Pradesh, was also petting his anger inside him and was secretly planning the assassination of two suspected men who allegedly gang-raped his wife.

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According to a report by Hindustan Times, the 32-year-old man plotted the murder of two men with explosives.

Putting light on the incident, Ratlam superintendent of police Gaurav Tiwari said, “On January 4, villager Lal Singh was killed in an explosion which had taken place near a tube well on his agricultural land. The forensic science expert informed that the explosion took place due to gelatin rods and detonators. In the investigation, it was found that a similar kind of explosion took place in August at the tube well of former sarpanch Bhanwar Lal, but he sustained minor injuries in the incident.”

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The cops further added, “Police found a family missing from the village after the incident (blast that killed Lal Singh). Police detained the man and his family members from Mandsaur on January 7. During interrogation, the man confessed his crime and also informed that he was taking revenge of the gang rape of his wife.”

On being questioned further, the accused spilled, “In July this year, Lal Singh, Bhawarlal, and Dinesh entered his house and raped his wife. He tried to stop them but they beat him up. Later, the accused threatened him with dire consequences. The man didn’t report the matter to the police but decided to take revenge.”

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The husband reportedly learnt how to assemble the bomb from the internet. “He first used the technique on the tube well of Bhanwarlal but he sustained minor injuries in the explosion. Later, he used more gelatin rods to attack Lal Singh,” said the accused to the police. The cops are now investigating both cases up close.

Earlier, a man dressed up as a woman to take revenge from his sister’s harasser.

It would have been ideal for the man to report the incident of his wife’s gang rape to the cops and trust the judiciary for justice. The desperation to punish the suspected culprits himself got him in trouble.

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