Man Dresses Up As Woman To Take Revenge From Sister’s Harasser, Goes On Bike Ride With Him

Brothers tend to have an innate protective instinct towards their sisters. From making unexpected calls just to make sure she is safe on the street to randomly question if something is bothering her, brothers try to come up with various ways to make sure their sisters are okay.

For example, one man in Madhya Pradesh’s Naya village decided to dress up as a woman to teach a lesson to a man who was harassing his sister. According to India Today, the brother named Sonu gave himself a new name, Sonia.

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He called his sister’s harasser and went on a bike ride with him. They went on to get drunk, lost their way, and ended up getting caught by the police.

“During the night patrol, a call was received from Chavandia village that a young man and a woman were seen on a bike. The villagers had caught them on suspicion of being thieves, the young man ran away with a bike, but the villagers managed to stop the woman,” said Ram Singh, the police in charge of Sawaipur police station.

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When the police interrogated the woman, it was revealed that she was in fact a man who was trying to avenge his sister. After an hour of searching, the police managed to nab the harasser, who was hiding behind a bush.

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Sonu also revealed that he once played the role of a woman in a village play, which made it easier to dress up as a woman.

The extreme lengths some brothers can go through to protect their sisters is unimaginable!

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