Passenger Asks Man To Shift To Another Seat In Flight, He Asks Her For Payment & Shuts Her Down

Remember that deleted scene from ‘Dear Zindagi’ where a flight passenger takes over Alia Bhatt’s character Kaira’s seat on a flight? The uncle was incredibly entitled and wanted to sit beside his son and expected Kaira to shift seats just because he was older than her. The way Kaira shut him down after that was inspiring.

Here’s a look at the scene in case you missed it:

Something similar happened to a man on a flight that was taking off from Bengaluru. A woman came up to him and asked him if he could move to a different seat so that their family could sit together. He obliged but said that since he had already paid for his seat in advance, she would have to pay him the same amount. This angered her and she left him alone.

“Wonder why she looked so pissed off. What did she expect me to do, jump up & out of my seat?” he wrote on X.

Have a look:

He then went on to add that if anyone wanted to use this trick on flights, since it is a very common thing that happens, they should be prepared for angry looks and muttered insults!

Responding to his post, there were several others who shared having experienced similar kinds of requests on flights. In fact, the cabin crew has ways in which they tackle such incidents. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

The entitlement that some people have, thinking they can convince a stranger to change their seats on a flight or a train, is mindblowing!

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